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January 16, 2008

New Year, New Look!

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Happy New Year   Happy New Year from the team at Secret Ingredients.  You all are in for some very exciting changes in our products, services, and website.

Over the next few months, our team will be putting the final touches on several upgrades.  Most of you already know about the return of our signature product, the Heirloom Cookbook.  The new and improved Heirloom Cookbook will return to the print line in late April.  Within the cookbooks, your personal photographs will now be printed directly onto the dividers, and we’ve also tweaked our font styles as well.  If you plan on ordering an Heirloom Cookbook in late April or May, be sure to contact a Customer Service Representative to reserve your cookbook binder now.

Our Keepsake Cookbooks are also getting a new look.  They will increase in size from 4”x6” to 5”x7”.  This will give you a little more room within you cookbook.  All orders for Keepsake Cookbooks in the 4”x6” size must be in by April 1st.  After that, Keepsake Cookbooks will only be sold in the new 5”x7” size.  Stay tuned for more information regarding the Keepsake Cookbook size change.

With our upcoming website upgrades, your user account will look very different.  However, the new changes will make creating a cookbook so much easier.  You’ll no longer have to have separate accounts to create several different types of cookbook.  The new website will have a drag and drop recipe feature that will allow you to create different cookbooks at the same time.  There will also be an improved spell check feature, all cookbooks will come with previews, and users will be able to email recipes directly from their account to family and friends.

That’s just a few of the things you can expect as Secret Ingredients enters into the new year, with a new look.  Be sure to check the Blog, emails, and newsletters regularly to stay posted on these new developments.

That’s it for me, until next time…

August 3, 2007

Keepsake Cookbook Previews

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Want to see exactly what your Keepsake Cookbook will look like before it goes to print?  No problem!  After you place your order, you will receive an email from us that has links to your cookbook preview.  Simply click on the links and voila! 


Wedding Keepsake Cookbook


What if you want to change something after you see the preview?  Is that possible?

Of course!  Just send us a note back, and we will re-open your cookbook project so that you can make the edits you would like.  You won’t be able to add more recipes at this stage, but you can change spacing, spelling and edit your recipes.

Will editing my cookbook after the preview affect production time?

Yes, it may.  It really depends on how long it takes for you to make changes.  Production takes up to 2 1/2 weeks after we have your final approval, so it’s best to make your changes quickly and to allow plenty of time if you have a special occasion. 

When our new website launches in November, you will actually be able to preview your cookbook before you place the order.  Yet another exciting feature to look forward to!

Have questions?  Feel free to email us at  We are glad to help!

Have a great weekend everyone,

July 16, 2007

Great things are happening at SI!

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Last month Secret Ingredients moved its corporate offices to Seattle, Washington.  Hello Pacific Northwest!  With the move has come some wonderful plans to make Secret Ingredients cookbooks even better.  Here are some features to look forward to:

  • Heirloom cookbook photographs will print directly onto your divider set!
  • Order Heirloom cookbook kits that allow you to handwrite or print your recipes at home using your home computer.  This is the perfect gift for the Holidays.
  • Create multiple cookbooks within your account!  Yes, the days of waiting for our team to transfer your recipes from Heirloom to Keepsake or vice versa will be over very, very soon.  Not only will you be able to reorder your books at any time, but you will also be able to create new projects at the click of a button.If you have any ideas for us, please feel free to contact us at any time.  We love to hear your suggestions and rely on your feedback. 

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