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August 10, 2007

To Drive-thru, Or Not to Drive-thru: Salads and Salad Dressing

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Salads are another one of those types of foods where the flavor combinations are endless; case in point: the creation of the salad bar.  All you have to do is start with a bed of lettuce, and from there, the world is your oyster.

I prefer a mix of greens; Romaine, Spinach, Red Leaf (no Iceberg please).  When I’m home, I always have to have a sprinkle of shredded cheese, and croutons, and maybe some bacon bits.  I absolutely love chicken, so that’s usually what I add on top to turn a side salad into a meal.  I’ve had them all; chicken salad, breaded chicken, grilled, buffalo style, teriyaki, Cajun, you name it, I’ve had it.  When I’m out and about, I like to go the more exotic route, but of course these ventures can be tried at home too.  Grilled cedar plank salmon salad, Tristan Lobster salad, braised duck with mandarin orange salad; again, the possibilities are endless.

Another endless possibility aspect to salad making is making salad dressing.  I haven’t ventured into the world of making your own salad dressing just yet, but I’m sure I will before it’s all over.  I hear it is very fun, and allows people to cater to their own taste buds.

The great thing about stocking up on all those delicious salad and dressing recipes is that there’s a place for all of them in a Secret Ingredients Cookbook.  Both Heirloom and Keepsake Cookbooks come with a section for Soups, Stews, and Salads.  You can add a section to your salad recipe for the matching dressing, or you can put your salad dressing recipes in the Sauces, Spreads, and Seasonings category too.  We’ve got a place for everything.

For those of us on the go, like the fruit and yogurt snacks, salads are filling, quick and easy, healthy and a great alternative to fast food.

Tip: Put your lettuce and your fixins’ in one container, and the dressing in another.  That way, you avoid a soggy mess by lunch time.

That’s it for me, until next time…

August 9, 2007

To Drive-thru, Or Not to Drive-thru: Fruit and Yogurt

Filed under: drive-thru, easy recipes — Ashley @ 11:34 am

When I’m not at Secret Ingredients, I am at my new part-time job at a news station here in Charlotte. I have to admit, all the new schedules and transition have worn me out. Obviously, I don’t have much time to cook too many meals so I’ve been hitting the drive-thrus pretty hard. However, after a while, all that junk food makes me feel pretty gross. So I realized with some smart shopping and a little bit of creativity, I can get fast food from my own kitchen. For example, fruit and yogurt snacks are filling, quick and easy, and healthy. You can create whatever flavor combination works best for you; sort of like an ice cream sundae, but without the guilt.

Simply buy your favorite tub of yogurt; plain, flavored, low-fat, no-fat, Greek, whatever works. Then stock up on yummy add-ins. Things like fresh fruit; strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, and peaches. Crunchy things like granola, nuts, dried fruit, even graham crackers, and there you have it. You can mix it all in a bowl and enjoy, or if you’re on the go, scoop the yogurt in a cup, put your add-ins in another cup and you’re off.

Fruit and yogurt snacks can also be served at any meal in any style; as a light breakfast snack, or as a cleansing dessert spread. Either way, there’s a place for your favorite fruit and yogurt recipe in a Secret Ingredients Cookbook. Whether it is an Heirloom Cookbook or a Keepsake Cookbook, both styles come with recipe sections. Fruit and yogurt dishes can be filed under Appetizers, Breakfast Foods, or even Desserts; it’s your choice.

That’s it for me, until next time…

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