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August 17, 2007

TV-Show Gangs and Their Hang-Outs

Filed under: cookbook ideas, food TV, office cookbook — Ashley @ 12:16 pm

I’m about to reveal some interesting insight about my love for hit sitcoms that are now in late night syndication.

Most TV-Show gangs have their favorite hang-out spots or watering holes, and something tells me you do too.  Murphy Brown and the FYI news team dined at Phil’s; Roseanne and the ladies from Wellman Plastics drank their sorrows away at The Lobo; and Frasier Crane and the gang from KACL got their daily dose of coffee at Café Nervosa (the scary thing is I didn’t even have to research that stuff).

So where do you and your co-workers go?  If you all are regulars at a regular spot, you may be sitting on a treasure trove of recipes for a Secret Ingredients Cookbook.  Most times if you go to a place often enough, people start to recognize you, and you yourself start to have an affinity for certain dishes.  As a result of your loyalty, restaurant owners may be more than willing to share recipes with you to add to your cookbook.  If you add enough familiar co-workers, and favorite recipes, you may end up with an office-themed cookbook.  How cool would that be to flip through at the next holiday party or company picnic?

That’s it for me, until next time…


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