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October 31, 2007

More Than Just A Cookbook

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Every once in a while we come across a customer that makes their cookbook more than just a cookbook.  We encourage you all to do the same.

Heirloom Cookbooks in particular are great way to not only pass down family recipes, but legacies too.  Recipe pages aren’t just for recipes; use them to share your family’s history, or a favorite memory.  Some people like to put these kinds of things in the Notes section, but why not use a full recipe page at your own discretion.  Fill a recipe page with family jokes, quotes, a poem, or an inspiring scripture.

With several photographs, and hundreds of recipe pages to play with, you can turn your cookbook into a delicious display of incredible family history.

That’s it for me, until next time…

October 30, 2007

Keepsake Coupons: Only 1 day left!

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Tomorrow is the last day to receive savings on your holiday Keepsake orders.  Here are the magic codes:

  • $5 off your order of 10+ Keepsakes:  Use promo code HighFive.
  • $15 off your order of 15+ Keepsakes: Use promo code Snowflake.
  • $25 off your order of 20+ Keepsakes: Use promo code HolidayCheer.

All of the above coupons expire on October 31, 2007.  Please email us if you have any questions.  We’re glad to help!

Have a great day,

October 29, 2007

Woman’s Day Gives Excellent Advice about Holiday Shopping

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I love holiday festivities!  Gathering with friends and family, caroling with hot chocolate, Christmas lights, wearing my favorite color red, Dirty Santa, and all the delicious baked treats are just some of my favorite things about the season.  However, festive times can easily lead to overindulgence.  Before you know it, it’s January and all the weight missing from your pocketbook has gone straight to your waistline! 

Woman's Day

Start this Holiday season off the smart way!  In the November 13th issue of Woman’s Day, Mary Hunt tells us how in her article titled A Festive Christmas Without Breaking the Bank.  This article gives you great tips on setting a budget for your Holiday shopping and ideas on thoughtful, custom gifts that are inexpensive.  Secret Ingredients is very excited to be included in this list!  Be sure to pick up your copy of Woman’s Day today! 

Reminder:  Our Keepsake Cookbook Coupons expire on Wednesday!

Have a great day,

October 26, 2007

Trick or Treat for Adults

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Halloween night doesn’t just have to be about the kids.  This Halloween, invite some adult friends over, cook a delicious meal, and throw a spooky recipe sharing party.

Tell your guests to bring generic recipes, or go with a theme; perhaps Fall and Winter themed recipes or ones that are geared specifically towards Halloween.  Although your friends won’t be going home with a bucket full of candy like the neighborhood kids, they’ll certainly be able to add several treats to their recipe collection.

If you’re expecting a lot of trick-or-treaters, hand out recipes with the candy. Since most parents inspect their kids stash at the end of the night, finding the treat of a brand new recipe in their kids bucket will be a welcomed surprise.  Also, if you and all your friends have kids, you can still make a night of it.  Have everyone meet at your place, and serve the kids something light for dinner like sandwiches or wraps. (This is also a great time to take pictures of the kids in their costumes.). Send everyone on their way with a designated adult or older sibling and let the adult dinner party and recipe swap begin.

That’s it for me, until next time…

October 25, 2007

DIY Gifts with a Little Help From You

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There are just some people out there who are self-sufficient when it comes to gifts. These are the people you usually get gift cards and gift certificates for. Well, you can do the same right here at Secret Ingredients

We offer gift certificates in any dollar amount. They’re great gifts for people who are perfect for customized cookbooks, but like to do the customizing themselves. 

Gift certificates can be used for Heirloom and Keepsake Cookbooks, as well as Cookbook Kits.  If you’re having trouble figuring out the best dollar amount, feel free to contact a Secret Ingredients Customer Service representative.  We’re available via our Customer Service line at toll free 866-697-3247, or you can email us at We’ll be happy to help you determine the best gift certificate amount to best suit you and your gift recipients needs. 

That’s it for me, until next time…


October 24, 2007

Mommy’s Little Helper

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When starting your Secret Ingredients Cookbook Project you may be overlooking a very valuable assistant at the end of your apron strings.

People always talk about how great it is to get kids involved in the kitchen; it’s where young people can work on early math skills through measuring ingredients, and they can also boost their level of responsibility by learning how to provide for themselves in the kitchen when it comes to snacks and small meals. Well the same applies when creating a cookbook.

Kids can play an intricate part in choosing pictures, cookbook titles, and help with the wording for dedications.  Older children can also work on their typing and computer skills.  Kids will also be highly impressed by the amount of recipes that have been collected and are being passed down in their family.
Working on a cookbook with children can also inspire impromptu bonding sessions in the kitchen.

Don’t forget, creating a family cookbook is just that: for the family.  Don’t hesitate to get all family members involved.

That’s it for me, until next time…

October 23, 2007

Secret Ingredients’ Reminders for October

Filed under: gift ideas, holiday ideas, keepsake cookbooks — Kate @ 1:10 pm

Can you believe next week is Halloween?  It’s almost November!  The Holidays are creeping up on us.  Here are some simple reminders as we approach the holiday festivities:

  • Take plenty of photos of your kids this Halloween!  Halloween photos are SO cute in Secret Ingredients’ cookbooks.  Last year we made an Heirloom cookbook that had ten years of Halloween photos.  It was precious!
  • Keepsake Coupons expire next Wednesday, October 31.  Be sure to checkout in time for these savings!
  • Look through your Thanksgiving and Holiday recipes.  Planning your meals in advance will make your holidays more enjoyable!  Remember that your family’s Holiday recipes are treasures.  Consider including them in your cookbook project.  These recipes are traditions that your children will want to continue.
  • Our Holiday deadline for Keepsake Cookbooks is December 1.  Please keep this in mind if you are ordering Holiday gifts.  Our turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.
  • Gift Certificates and Cookbook Kits may be ordered up until December 17.  These are great gifts for someone who would like to make their own cookbook! 
  • Get your kids in the kitchen!  This is the best time of year to get your children in the kitchen with you.  Make pumpkin cupcakes or turkey- shaped cookies.  Baked items are the safest recipes for kids, and there are so many opportunities to bring the festivities into the kitchen during the holidays.

Have a wonderful fall day,

October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Celebrations!

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Fall has so much to offer- warm colors, shorter days, beautiful weather, and pumpkins!  This weekend my group of friends had a pumpkin- themed potluck.  Last week I was trying to find the perfect recipe.   I was nervous about finding a recipe that would be something new and different…. and good on the first attempt!  Finally, I found it-  Martha’s Pumpkin Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter.  It’s hard to go wrong with Martha!


I highly recommend this recipe though I don’t recommend making ravioli for a crowd on your first try!  The recipe takes several hours due to roasting the pumpkin and freezing the ravioli, but there are definitely ways to cut down on time (like using canned pumpkin).  I had a lot of fun, and the recipe turned out very well overall.  My ravioli were not uniform in shape, but I decided to hush my inner perfectionist and enjoy the wonderful flavor! 

The potluck was a huge success.  It was the perfect way to celebrate fall and friendship.  Our friend and host, Mindy, had warm apple cider and a pumpkin spread waiting as we walked in the door.  How perfect!  I was surprised how creative everyone was with their dishes:  Pumpkin Pesto (cilantro based with pumpkin seeds, served over pasta- yum!); Pumpkin Curry Soup; Pumpkin Spinach Salad; Pumpkin- Turkey Chili; Pumpkin, Apple, and Bacon Soup; Pumpkin Muffins; and, of course, Pumpkin Cheesecake!

We have decided to celebrate our heritage at next month’s potluck.  After all, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! 

Have a wonderful fall day, and remember only 9 days left before our Keepsake Coupons expire!

October 19, 2007

Thank You, SI Customers

Filed under: customer service, family cookbook — Kate @ 1:52 pm

The main reason I started Secret Ingredients was because I was inspired by the joy I saw when family members celebrated one another and connected in a meaningful project.  As I’ve said many times, Secret Ingredients cookbooks are emotional gifts.  They are made with so much love, thought, time, and thanks that it is often an emotional experience for the recipient, as well as the creator.

As I was previewing cookbook orders today, I had a moment of thanks.  I feel so lucky to be involved in these projects- to be trusted to make such important gifts and heirlooms.  I am thankful to have each of you as SI customers. The fact that you have taken the time to really make the people in your life feel special is amazing to me.  I’ve always known that a cookbook project is not for everyone.  It takes time and commitment, although it’s a lot of fun.  For those of you that are making or have completed projects, you are a special bunch, and we feel lucky to work with you.

Here’s to you and your cookbook project!  Cheers!

Have a wonderful weekend,

October 18, 2007

Re-Visiting An Old Friend And Staying Current

Filed under: customer service, tips & tricks — Ashley @ 12:03 pm

It happens all the time:  You’re surfing the internet, you find this great website and set-up an account with them (username, password, and everything), then months go by before you re-visit the website and take advantage of what they have to offer.  By the time you go back, you’ve forgotten your original account information so just create a whole new account.

Well if this has ever happened to you here at the Secret Ingredients, it’s not a problem.  Simply get in touch with one of our Customer Service representatives via our toll free Customers Service line at 866-697-3247, or email at and we’ll be happy to remind you of your existing account, username, and password.  You may even find that you have great recipes floating around in a forgotten account.

Another thing to consider for all customers is your contact information.  Since we believe in high-quality customer service, our Customer Service team may call you just to check in and see how your cookbook project is going, and if there is anything we can help you with.  This is something to keep in mind if you have registered your work phone number as your main contact number, but don’t normally handle personal business during regular business hours. 

We also rely heavily on contacting our customers about company updates via email; but we understand that email addresses change or get pushed to the wayside for new ones every once in a while.  If you think you need to update your contact info, again, simply send us an email at and we’ll be happy to update your account.

That’s it for me, until next time…

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