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September 26, 2007

Make Up Creative Recipe Titles

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Spice up your cookbook with fun recipe titles!  I love fun recipe titles.  They make me instantly more interested in a recipe.  Here’s an example: Just this week we saw a recipe for “Stripe It Rich Cake”.  Other favorites have been “Linde’s Kick Butt Cowboy Cookies”, “Hee Hee Chicken”, and “You’ll Never Go Back Cranberry Sauce”, all from our friend Linde in Reno, Nevada.  Seriously fun!

So, where do you find inspiration for creative recipe titles?  Look at the names of foods in grocery stores.  My personal favorites are from Ben & Jerry’s.  Who can beat “Chuncky Monkey”, “Bananas on the Rum”, and “Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz”?

Another great way to name a recipe is by thinking of a funny story about the recipe author or the recipe itself.  “Hee Hee Chicken” found its name after being served to a crowd that kept laughing at how good it was.  A cranberry sauce was named “You’ll Never Go Back Cranberry Sauce” because everyone that tries this recipe refuses to go back to canned cranberry sauce!

If you have any fun recipe titles, please share them with us!

Have a great day,

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