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  personalized cookbook  
  Individual Project
  Choose this option if you are the only person ordering a cookbook(s). You may invite friends and family to add recipes; however, they will not be able to order their own cookbooks based on your project.
Click here for Individual Project
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  Group Project
  If you are coordinating a cookbook project for a large group, this is the option for you!
  • Invite friends and family to join your project. Not only can participants add their favorite recipes, but they can customize and order their own cookbooks!*
  • As the Head Chef for your project, you will have the following capabilities and responsibilities:
    • Customize the Dedication Page
    • Submit 15 photographs for dividers
    • Edit all recipes
  Click here for Group Project  
  * All recipes, photos, and the Dedication will be the same for all cookbook orders in your group. Each participant may customize their cookbooks by selecting their choices of Binder, Dividers, and Font Styles.
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The Masters of Cookbook Publishing

At Secret Ingredients we take cookbook publishing to a new level, creatively and technologically. We know that your loved ones are the most important part of your life and giving the gift of a recipe scrapbook means passing down a family heirloom. Your Secret Ingredients family recipe book will bring smiles and tears to the faces of those you care about. When creating an online cookbook, you need the best! Secret Ingredients knows that high quality, recipe scrapbooks are a luxury gift your family and friends will never forget. To get started creating a family cookbook you have found the masters of cookbook publishing - the team at Secret Ingredients.
Get Started on Your Personalized Cookbook
Creating a family recipe book is as easy as 1,2,3! At Secret Ingredients, online cookbook publishing is simple and fun! In order to set up your account and begin creating your family recipe book we need to know if you are planning an Individual or a Group Project. Please read the recipe scrapbook project descriptions below, and select the best option for you. Once you have decided to create your family recipe book with our online, personalized, cookbook publishing system either on your own or with family and friends it is time to get started!

Individual Cookbook Publishing

Keep your luxury gift a secret and create a family heirloom on your own. Choose this option to make your own family recipe book if you will be the only person ordering a recipe scrapbook. You may invite friends and family to add family recipes to your personalized cookbook; however, they will not be able to order their own recipe scrapbooks online based on your personalized recipe scrapbooking project.


family cookbook

Creating Your Family Recipe Book as a Group

Do you enjoy family activities? Working together and cooperating with loved ones? As a group, creating a recipe scrapbook with Secret Ingredients will be an experience you never forget! As your cookbook publishers, Secret Ingredients will help you coordinate an online cookbook project that includes everyone who is close to your heart, whether they live near or far! Invite friends and family to join your family cookbook project. Not only can participants add their favorite family recipes, they can also customize and order their own personalized cookbooks online! As the Head Chef for your recipe scrapbooking project, you will have the opportunity to customize the Dedication Page, submit 15 photos for dividers and edit all recipes for your family heirloom cookbook.

Publishing a cookbook is our specialty. At Secret Ingredients we are committed to creating family cookbooks that will last a lifetime and honoring the family traditions that make us who we are. Contact us or sign on today to make your own personalized family cookbook.