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Website Features

Our website works hard... so you don't have to!

With lots of features to simplify your project, making your own custom cookbook is as easy as pie!

Our Features are specially designed to help you get the most out of your cookbook. Projects are simple and organized, and our website walks you through the process of adding your recipes, one simple step at a time!

  • Your Checklist- A simple checklist helps keep you organized!
  • Recipes Page- Let our website work for you As you submit your recipes, our website counts and organizes them by category! You can view, edit, and delete recipes as you wish.
  • Recipe Requests- Would you like to ask friends and family members for recipe contributions? It's easy to email Recipe Requests! Just use our website to send them to your friends and family, and the recipes they submit will be sent directly into your cookbook project. You can have their cake and eat it too!
  • The Stock Pot- This is our special database of recipes and cooking tips. The recipes come from our users who are just like you, cooking enthusiasts with REAL family recipes and secrets. Need more recipes for your cookbook project? Borrow from The Stock Pot! We've included a button that transports recipes from the Stock Pot directly into your project where you can edit them!
  • Reorder- Your username and password will not expire. Simply log in to your account to reorder!
  • Group Projects (Heirloom Cookbooks only)- If you're working with a group, be sure to take advantage of our Message Center, where you can leave notes, tips, and questions for all your participants to read! You can also send emails to participants.

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